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About Live Assist

We are the talented chat agents recruited by the Live Assist Company. We have tremendous experience in resolving office and windows product related issues. We have also trained many technicians and users on the minimal troubleshooting and been providing vast support.

For any queries feel free to chat with us if there is any disclaimers related to the content published on this website as well. We are here to help the users in all the ways to get answers for all their queries.


Frequently asked questions

Q. 1 : What is annual Support?

Annual support is an unlimited support assistance designed for 365 days.

You can reach us any number of times in a year for your computer issues.

Q. 2 : What is single incident?

Single incident is one time support option. It is basically for big issues which takes long time for a day or two. It also includes a free support for 30 days from the date of Invoice. We will make sure the issues are completely fixed with the single incident support plan.

Q. 3 : How it works?

This is a program called Live Assist and we provide you the subscriptions for the support programs for your computers. It  benefits you to reach the techs directly on chat support and get instant support on your computers.

We provide assistance via remote screen sharing activity. Our tools will check and diagnose and fixes the issues .

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