[Fixed] How to Solve Application Error 0xc0000142 in Windows 10

The application could not start correctly showing the Error Code 0xc0000142, this issue appears when accessing any program. This is generally get to the lack of some particular files in the system directory that need to fix first, repairing these files will allow you to easily access the program (application) that provides this error code 0xc0000142.

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application.

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142) Click OK to close the application

Solutions for Error Code 0xc0000142 in Windows 10 :

There is some general solution for this problem that will guide you to fix this error code without paying anyone, you can easily follow the given solutions with specific instructions / steps and easily find the required results.

Restart Your PC.

A normal system reboot will end the process in progress and all system files will be close, the reboot system will reopen those files and the application providing this error code 0xc0000142 can be resolved by reopening the system files.

Reinstall the Application.

Reinstall the application giving this error code 0xc0000142, sometimes the application install on our PC lost its files due to opening error. Try checking this solution if error code 0xc0000142 is resolve or not.

  • Access the troubleshooter.
  • Navigate to Windows Settings> Update & Security> Troubleshoot.
  • Troubleshoot> Windows Update.

Run the troubleshooter and follow the steps wisely, keep an eye on the given information and the troubleshooter will automatically detect the errors and automatically repair it.

Use this method to troubleshoot Windows update issues, and then reboot your system to make these changes. Check again the Windows update, whether error code 0xc0000142 is fixed or not. Still you get issues, go to another solution method for fix.

  • Repair corrupt system files
  • Open command prompt.
  • Enter SFC / Scannow in the request window.

The system will automatically start a scanning process in which all the system files will be verified and discover the corrupted file if there is any corrupted file, then it will show and solve itself by replacing the specific file with another one using cache memory. The Computer needs a restart for the changes to take place and after that this error code 0xc0000142 should be fix, if you don’t jump to another solution.

Application Compatibility

The application which you are trying to accessing may not be compatible with your system and you may need to change the application properties to resolve this error and fix error code 0xc0000142 easily.

Steps to run the application in compatibility mode:

  • Right-click on the application that gives you this error (Code 0xc0000142).
  • Navigate to its properties.
  • Click on the compatibility tab.
  • Choose the compatibility mode according to your system.
  • Click Apply and then OK

Finally, if you are facing compatibility issue you can easily fix it by following each step and you can easily counter its results and grant access to your application. This will eventually help you manage compatibility mode manually on your own and make your app run easily. Following these steps will guide you to manage the mode and also help you see an available tutorial.

In Conclusion,

And I am sure that any disaster that could have happened for a few is due to system hardware dependencies. An old computer that was upgraded from 7 to 10 is certainly not compatible with these programs. It is a coincidence to have problems like 1 in 100.

Error Code 0xc0000142

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