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Help Microsoft com  is a page where you setup your office product key to start with the installation.

Office product keys are available at stores or online and then you should enter scratch the card and enter the product key found on your Microsoft account page under www help Microsoft com.

Office Product Key Setup Installation by

If you want to setup office program, you can also connect with one of our technicians and ask for help.

Office product is available for lifetime editions, subscription versions. Basically, if you setup a product key on one computer and the key is affixed with your computer bios.

If there is any change of your motherboard, the product license will not work. Then you have to use the other ways to activate like telephone or re-entering the product key and activate online.

Office product setup is easy to do with the instructions on the product key card.

Help Microsoft com domain helps to download your office setup file. It is available in installable format or in ISO format depends on the choice of your product.

If you want ISO, that is a setup package for office setup files.

Office 365 setup is a subscription version and the account is available on www office com myaccount.

Office myaccount is the product link that shows your office product choosen before.

If you got office from your work or school account, you should check office setup portal given by your university or admin.

This is a page that only works with the business accounts. If you want more help to setup office, please chat with our techs.

We can also help you to choose the best packages suitable for your needs. Office package from the personal computer are chosen on office dot com but if you want office for life time plans or other relevant packages, discuss with our Techs. We are experts to to setup office for personal as well as business.

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Got Any Question?

Q. 1 : Can I upgrade office version for free?

Office updates remain free whereas office upgrade is a change of version. Normally office 365, being a subscription based version allows you the free upgrades but standalone products do not allow change of version for free. Life time get the security patches for free for life time but not the change of versions.

Q. 2 : How long a free support is valid for office products?

In general, the Manufacturer says 60 days free support applicable for the office products. Although the service depends on the type of issues.

Q. 3 : What is the difference between Office 365 subscription and Office standalone?

Office product suites are released as subscription based versions and standalone proudcts. The subscription versions contain recurring fee for the licensing wheras the standalone product is a one off payment.