[Support] How to Get Perfect Solutions from Microsoft Live Assist

Microsoft Live Assist : Live Assistants provide you the support for Microsoft Products. The direct chat support is available through Chat or remote assistance from our support staff who are trained on Microsoft Products.

Here is the Way to Get Support from Microsoft Live Assist:

Live Assist technicians can handle all kinds of software related assistance. We have trained people in to the respective domains. Our technicians who are train on our programs can handle support related to Microsoft Products.

We have energetic engineering team who can stretch and work on user’s computers and can build the computers from the scratch and able to install all the required software applications. To clarify, Microsoft Live Assist is not a direct support member from Microsoft. However, they are actually train well on all of their products.


Our specialization includes office installation, upgradation, office reinstallation, windows update and troubleshooting and email configuration. Certified techs can handle all the windows operating system technicalities. We also provide corporate training on Live Assist programs which includes troubleshooting from basic computer operating system to depth level registry troubleshooting.

For instance,

All our users can also be efficiently trained based on the requests for our program.

We have segregated Microsoft Live Assist program into two modules

  1. User Level
  2. Tech level

User level program comprises of the basic troubleshooting and train the users on the technical terms and make them understand the steps to solve basic issues.


Tech level program shows the ability to fix all the deeper level issues and find the root causes. The training starts every week based on the user sign up for the chosen programs. We also explain the user’s right kind of modules required for them to choose among the available our Live Assist Packages.

Microsoft Live Assist


We will also provide certification on successful completion of the Microsoft Live Assist modules.

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Got Any Question?

Q. 1 : What is annual Support?

Annual support is an unlimited support assistance designed for 365 days.

You can reach us any number of times in a year for your computer issues.

Q. 2 : What is single incident?

Single incident is one time support option. It is basically for big issues which takes long time for a day or two. It also includes a free support for 30 days from the date of Invoice. We will make sure the issues are completely fixed with the single incident support plan.

Q. 3 : How it works?

This is a program called Live Assist and we provide you the subscriptions for the support programs for your computers. It  benefits you to reach the techs directly on chat support and get instant support on your computers.

We provide assistance via remote screen sharing activity. Our tools will check and diagnose and fixes the issues .