How to Fix Msvcr80.dll Issue in Microsoft Office 2007

The msvcr80.dll is classified as a type of Dynamic Link Library (DLL) file. It is regarded as a “guide book” that consists of the information and the essential instructions that can be applied to the executable (EXE) files.

Solutions for Msvcr80.dll Issue in Microsoft Office 2007 :

The major purpose behind the creation of these files is that multiple programs like Office can share the same set of files and memory allocation.

Method 1: Try to restore your system to the latest restore point i.e. the position before the error occurred.

  • First of all, click on the Windows start button.
  • Then search for the “System Restore” and press the Enter key.
  • Now click on the System Restore option which appeared on the search results.
  • After that enter the administrator password if necessary.
  • Now you have to follow the steps which are present in the system restore wizard, to select an appropriate restore point.
  • Now restore your system to the backup image.

Step 2: If you have recently downloaded the software then try to uninstall and re-download it.

  • Click on the Windows start button.
  • Type “Uninstall” in the search box and then press Enter key.
  • Now click on the “Add or Remove programs” in the search results.
  • Find the Microsoft Office 2007 and click on the “Uninstall” option.

You can also update the Windows and restart your system due to which all the error codes got vanished completely.

This will completely eradicate the error code. But in case if you are still facing the same issue then it is advised to contact the technical support team of the Microsoft Office.

Msvcr80.dll Issue in Microsoft Office 2007

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Got Any Question?

Q. 1 : Can I upgrade office version for free?

Office updates remain free whereas office upgrade is a change of version. Normally office 365, being a subscription based version allows you the free upgrades but standalone products do not allow change of version for free. Life time get the security patches for free for life time but not the change of versions.

Q. 2 : How long a free support is valid for office products?

In general, the Manufacturer says 60 days free support applicable for the office products. Although the service depends on the type of issues.

Q. 3 : What is the difference between Office 365 subscription and Office standalone?

Office product suites are released as subscription based versions and standalone proudcts. The subscription versions contain recurring fee for the licensing wheras the standalone product is a one off payment.