[Permanent Fix] How to Fix Windows Update Error Code 0x80244022

Getting an error when you are in the middle of an update is frustrating. Many users are enraged with this problem and refrain from updating their systems for fear of error code 0x80244022.

But fortunately, there is a solution for this problem. You can try the fixes mentioned below to resolve the Windows update error 0x80244022.

Below are All Possible Solutions to Correct Error Code 0x80244022:

Solution 1 – Execute The Window Update Problem Solver

If you get an error code 0x80244022 from Windows 10, the Windows Update Troubleshooter can be very useful. It helps to solve the problems you face while updating your system. Below are the steps to correct the Windows 10 error 0x80244022 using the Windows update troubleshooter.

Go to the search bar, type “troubleshoot” and click on it.

On the next screen, look for the Windows update and click on it. As soon as you click on it, you will see the option “run the troubleshooter”. Click on it.

Follow the troubleshooting instructions.

Once the troubleshooting process is complete, restart your computer to see the effects of the process and verify if the problem has been resolved or not.

Solution 2 – Review Window Update Elements to Your Original Position

Corrupt elements in Windows 10 are also responsible for the Windows 10 error 0x80244022. To solve the problem, you may need to reset your components as they were initially. To reset the Windows update components, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Go to the search bar and type “command prompt” and click on it.

Step 2: Here are some commands you should type. Don’t forget to press enter after each command.

  • Net Stop Bits
  • Click Net stop wuauserv
  • Next Net stop appidsvc
  • Net stop cryptsvc

All these commands block the essential elements that Windows requires to update.

Step 3: Enter the following commands and press enter:

  • Ren% systemroot% \ SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
  • Ren% systemroot% \ system32 \ catroot2 catroot2.old

Step 4: In the command box, type the codes mentioned below to unlock the services you blocked in step 2.


  • Net Start Bits
  • Check Net start wuauserv
  • Next Net start appidsvc
  • Net start cryptsvc

Step 5: Restart your system to allow the changes to take effect. Now run the Windows Updater to verify if the problem has been resolved or not.

Solution 3 – Time Setting, System and Date Setting Error Code 0x80244022

Improper setting the date and time of your computer may make it difficult to communicate between your computer and the Microsoft server. This obstacle may cause the Windows update error 0x80244022 to appear when updating your computer.

  • Type in the search bar “date and time settings” and click on it.
  • Activate “set time zone automatically” and “set time automatically”.
  • These changes require that you restart your computer for it to take effect. Run the Windows Updater to verify if the problem has been resolved or not.

Solution 4: Implementation of Execution and Management of Services

If none of the methods mentioned above work, try running the DISM tool to resolve the error 0x80244022 windows 10.

  • Enter the following command at the command prompt: “DISM.exe / Online / Cleanup-image / Restorehealth”. The process may take a while, so be patient.
  • After completing the above process, type this command: “sfc / scannow” and press Enter.
  • After both processes are complete, restart your computer and run the Windows Updater to see if the problem has been fixed or not.

Solution 5: The Server Is Occupied Error Code 0x80244022

Microsoft drives these software updates over the air and there can be a lot of people trying to download and install these updates at the same time. This may cause servers to overload and eventually crash, which in turn will show an error code 0x80244022 during the update. In that case, you can’t really do anything except wait for the servers to be back online in a day or two. Try updating your windows then.

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Got Any Question?

Q. 1 : How to upgrade Windows 10 versions?

Usually, you get the latest versions through the regular windows updates. They may appear as optional updates or featured updates sometimes . You can also use latest media creation patches to install windows 10.

Q. 2 : How to check if my Windows is updated?

You can goto settings screen and click on Update and Security. You will get to see whether there are any pending updates or it is fully updated.

Q. 3 : Windows 10 updates are not working?

If you have this problem regarding Windows updates in Windows 10, you can try  the windows update troubleshooter in control panel.